Yoga Teacher and Life Coach

Katie Durgā Welsh

Katie Durgā, founder of Durga Mindfulness, is a yoga and meditation teacher, an executive and life coach, and a breast cancer survivor. Katie has over two decades of senior leadership experience in both the private and public sectors. Katie also has a wellbeing background, being a Yoga and Meditation teacher with over 1,200 hours of training from some of the best teachers in the world including Anand Mehrotra, Sarah Powers, Kaya Mindlin and Heather Agnew. Katie also trained to teach yoga to women with breast cancer through REWIND Health in the US, as well as prenatal and postnatal yoga through Bliss Baby. Katie has trained extensively in Indian yoga philosophy. She is passionate about the history and tradition of yoga, particularly the Goddess tradition and the Bhagavad Gita, and she encourages people to understand the broader meaning of yoga, rather than what you see in marketing and on social media. To Katie - yoga is a way of living, not simply a practice on the mat. Katie brought the ancient yogic wisdom to life during her recent breast cancer journey, allowing that wisdom to support her and help her to heal, and she now supports women on this same path. Katie is also writing a book on this important topic. Sharing this ancient wisdom in a practical way is one of her life passions. A Level 1 teacher with Yoga Australia and a RYT500 Teacher with Yoga Alliance, Katie teaches Himalayan Kundalini yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga - gentle, floor based practices that bring deep peace. Katie is also a meditation teacher and she loves to help people find a meditation style that suits their lifestyle and help them see that meditation can not only build on their leadership strengths but also manage any challenge life may throw at them. Katie completed her Brain Based Coaching certificate with the renowned NeuroLeadership Institute in 2019 and has been offering life and executive coaching in the Corporate, Government and private environments. A regular traveller to India, and passionate about animal welfare, Katie has also been a Board member of the RSPCA ACT. Katie brings her passion, her pragmatism and her experience when working with you. She helps you not only to manage stress in your life, but to work to eliminate it. To guide you to actively pursue your dreams, to heal, to help you manage challenges and take advantage of opportunities that may arise, and to create peace in your life.